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Panic over smuggled meat grows

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Panic over smuggled meat grows

Talk that meat might be contaminated adds to concerns...

Aslan said there were over 200 different types of diseases found in meat not processed according to international standards. He said they had been warning authorities about the likelihood of meat smuggling into the country for years, but these warnings went unheeded, he said.

       Aslan said the country is not only faced with the illegal importation of buffalo meet and beef, but also faces the possibility that other meat of unidentified origin is making its way in.

       Aslan underlined the need for a safe process, from the time the animal is slaughtered, to its packaging, to its presentation on the dinner table.

       Aslan also indicated that the traditional Southeastern dish of “çiğ köfte,” raw meat mixed thoroughly with spices, should be avoided, pointing out that there are over 200 diseases that humans can contract from poorly prepared meat.

       Aslan emphasized the need for borders to be completely controlled, and for livestock owners to receive state support.

       There are reports that a ton of meat was bought for $900 and sold in Turkey for $6,000. One of the accused in the meat scandal is İsak Romano, who is said to have brought into Turkey 7,500 tons of illegal meat, an unknown quantity of which was sold on the domestic market.



       Muhsin Yıldız, the chairman of the Bursa Buthchers Association, said in reaction to the meat scandal that supermarkets that boat of “preparing 40 tons of minced meat every day should have been asked questions before,” underlining the significant difference of the quality of meat sold by butchers and supermarkets. He said supermarkets should have been questioned by authorities.

       Yıldız stressed that the importation of meat should be stopped and domestic production encouraged.


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Talk that meat might be contaminated adds to concerns...