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Wind of change in energy

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Wind of change in energy

Wind-generated energy gaining prominence, says professor...

So-called “wind farms,” which produce electricity at a certain capacity, known as “wind groups,” have seen a remarkable increase across Europe in the last six years, with wind-propelled trubines producing enough electricity for five million people.



       Wind-generated energy is widely considered the most progressive, comercially-viable and clean “renewable” source of energy on offer. By the end of 1998, “wind farms” in 50 countries were producing over 10,000 megawatts of electricity a year.

       Current worldwide wind-production potential totals 53,000 terrawatts annually, which is four times the real output in 1998. By 2023, world output of wind energy is expected to increase by 20%, to reach 33,400 megawatts annually.



       Turkey’s wind power capacity potential is around 83,000 megawatts annually. The 39 “wind farm” projects proposed by the Energy Ministry will have a total capacity of between 1,370-1,440 megawatts. There are an additional 55 projects that have been proposed since the government announced its wind-energy project last year. The stations would be constructed using the build-operate-transfer model. When all of the country’s proposed wind-generated projects are combined, Turkey is looking at a possible 1,700 megawatts of wind energy annually.


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Wind-generated energy gaining prominence, says professor...